Add-ons for New Version of Firefox 21

Every time Firefox releases a major upgrade, we love it because it comes with lots of cool features. At the mean time, we hate it because lots of our favorite add-ons are not working with the new Firefox. Sometimes, the owners of the add-ons might be too busy, and it might take a while to release a compatible version. That’s why I put some of my favorite add-ons here. They are 100% compatible with the new Firefox, and I only modified the source codes that by-pass the version compatibly check.

In the other words, the add-on will work the way it was in the old version, and you will receive an upgrade if the owner releases a newer version.

So far I have made the following add-ons available in the latest version of Firefox:

Add-On Download Comment Author’s URL
BandWidthTester 0.5.9 Download Not tested N.A
BlockSite Download Tested Add-on Homepage
Bookmark Duplicate Detector 0.7.5 Download Not tested Add-on Homepage
CopyPlainText 0.3.4 Download Not tested N.A. 1.2.1 Download Not tested N.A.
FireSheep 0.1.1 Download
Linux (Compiled from Git)
Not tested Add-on Homepage
Google Calendar Tab 3.8 Download Tested N.A.
Multiproxy Switch 1.33 Download Tested Add-on Homepage
PermaTabs Mod 1.93 Download Not Tested Add-on Homepage
Snap Links Plus 1.08 Download Tested N.A.

If you need any add-on, please post in the comment below. I will try to make it available here.

Enjoy your new Firefox!


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Does the most popular imply the best?

Today, I had a discussion with my co-worker on the best languages for web applications. While I argued that Perl, and Ruby performs better than PHP, my co-worker had an opposite opinion. He believed that PHP is the best language overall because it is widely used. It brings me to think of a question, does the most popular imply the best?

Let’s answer this question by examples:

Category Most Popular The Best Why The Best?
OS (Desktop) Windows OS X User friendly, secure, stability, and performance.
OS (Server) Linux, Windows Server FreeBSD Fast, stable, secure, simple design, and centralize management.
Browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox Safari Fast, secure, stable
Programming languages (Desktop/GUI) C#, Java C, C++ Fast, secure
Programming languages (Web/Server) PHP, ASP Ruby, Python, Perl Fast, fewer lines of code.
Database MySQL, Oracle Berkeley DB, Tokyo Cabinet Fast I/O, simple design, smaller size of the database file.
Software company to work for Microsoft Start-up Rewards, opportunity to grow

I think there are several reasons why the most popular things are not the best.

1. Most popular thing is always backed by the best marketing strategies. Marketing strategies is simply a way to let people know about the product and convince them to use it. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product at all.

Example: The ads of Internet Explorer 8 look very attractive. Is it the most secure browser ever?

2. Most people are followers. They are not good in selecting good products from bad products(i.e., filtering the noise). They believe that the choice form most people (most popular) should be the best one. This is similar to election. The choice of most people is more likely to be better.

Example: Is MySQL really the best database?

3. Different people have different preferences. So a popular product must have the general taste. For example, an extremely hot and spicy food may be better to the body, but it is not as popular as a mild one, because the number of people that can take extremely hot and spicy food is smaller.

Example: Linux is very easy to configure comparing to FreeBSD (GUI vs command line) from the end-user perspective, but it is less powerful and stable overall.


Think twice before your move.

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Bandwidth Tester Add-on for Firefox 3.5+

I always go hunting the Wi-Fi networking using my laptop. Everytime I got on a new Wi-Fi network, I like to measure its bandwidth. I found that Bandwidth Tester is pretty handy and I can get a result easily. If you are looking for this tool to work on Firefox 3.5+, here is a work-around version I created:

Download Bandwidth Tester 0.5.9 Add-On for Firefox 3.5+ here.


…And if you want to use any Firefox Add-on on Firefox 3.5+ but it is not available, feel free to let me know! Don’t forget to include the link. Thanks!

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CopyPlainText Add-On for Firefox 3.5+

CopyPlainText is one of my favorite Firefox add-ons because it can filter out all of the formatting and leave the text alone. It is an amazing tool especially when editing non plain-text editor such as Microsoft Word etc.

After I upgrade to Firefox 3.5, I found that this add-on is no longer available. Therefore, I created my work-around version here. No functionality has been changed, except it works fine in Firefox 3.5+ 🙂

Download CopyPlainText 0.3.4 for Firefox 3.5 from here.


…And if you want to use any Firefox Add-on on Firefox 3.5+ but it is not available, feel free to let me know! Don’t forget to include the link of the apps.

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BlockSite Add-On for Firefox 3.5+

Please visit here if you are looking for BlockSite for Firefox 4.0.


I love using BlockSite along with AdBlock Plus to filter the unwanted content in my Firefox. However, after upgrading to Firefox 3.5, I found that the BlockSite is no longer supported in this version. After waiting for a month, I found that the new supported version is not available, and therefore I created my own version.

Here you are, and enjoy it!
Download BlockSite 0.7.1 for Firefox 3.5+

…And if you want to use any Firefox Add-on on Firefox 3.5+ but it is not available, feel free to let me know! Don’t forget to include the link. Thanks!

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Classic Add-On for Firefox 3

If you are looking for the classic to work on Firefox 3, then you are on the right page.

Download classic


Why classic add-on doesn’t work in Firefox 3?

The add-on was developed for Firefox 2, which is not compatible with Firefox 3. Since this add-on is no longer maintained by the original author, this add-on becomes an orphan. In fact, encourages users to upgrade to the modern version. Some users like me prefer to stick with the classic version.

Why classic, not modern?

Well, there are couple reasons, privacy and security. The classic version only uploads your public bookmark (The one you want to share), however the modern version will upload both your local and public bookmarks. Since I care about my privacy and security, I don’t want to see my personal information floating around the web at all.

Running Classic on Firefox 3

If you want to run the classic version on Firefox 3, you will need to download the add-on from the following link:

Download classic

…And if you want to use any Firefox Add-on on Firefox 3.5+ but it is not available, feel free to let me know! Don’t forget to include the link. Thanks!


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