CopyPlainText Add-On for Firefox 3.5+

CopyPlainText is one of my favorite Firefox add-ons because it can filter out all of the formatting and leave the text alone. It is an amazing tool especially when editing non plain-text editor such as Microsoft Word etc.

After I upgrade to Firefox 3.5, I found that this add-on is no longer available. Therefore, I created my work-around version here. No functionality has been changed, except it works fine in Firefox 3.5+ 🙂

Download CopyPlainText 0.3.4 for Firefox 3.5 from here.


…And if you want to use any Firefox Add-on on Firefox 3.5+ but it is not available, feel free to let me know! Don’t forget to include the link of the apps.

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21 Replies to “CopyPlainText Add-On for Firefox 3.5+”

    • Derrick Post author

      In Firefox –> File –> Open File –> Choose the file you just download(CopyPlainText-0.3.4.xpi) –> Install –> Restart Firefox –> Enjoy!

  1. Paul

    Just downloaded and installed as per Derrick’s instructions. CPT now works with Firefox 3.5.1 🙂 Thanks

  2. dotch

    This used to be one of my favorite add-ons too and I really missed it after installing Firefox 3.5. But now it’s back and it works like it used to work 🙂 Thanks mate!

  3. Jon

    Getting this error… it could be that something about the way you re-zipped it isn’t liked on Win7.

    Firefox could not install the file at


    because: Not a valid install package

  4. Charles

    I am pretty heavily into photography and am disappointed that my EXIF viewer is not compatible with Version 3.5 Any help out there?

  5. Jimmy

    Works like a charm!

    Before this “new” version of CopyPlainTest, I was considering going back to an earlier version of Firefox, as that is how important this extension is to me. I use it mostly when pasting web content into an email using Outlook.

    (My “work-around” was to create my email, then re-format it to “text” and then back to “html.” Or, to copy the text into NoteTab Pro, and then past it back to my email.)

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  6. Randy

    Thank you SO MUCH for making this work. I can’t live w/o this brilliant add-on. REALLY appreciate the effort you made to make this work for the rest of us. Thank you SO MUCH again.


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