Add-ons for New Version of Firefox 21

Every time Firefox releases a major upgrade, we love it because it comes with lots of cool features. At the mean time, we hate it because lots of our favorite add-ons are not working with the new Firefox. Sometimes, the owners of the add-ons might be too busy, and it might take a while to release a compatible version. That’s why I put some of my favorite add-ons here. They are 100% compatible with the new Firefox, and I only modified the source codes that by-pass the version compatibly check.

In the other words, the add-on will work the way it was in the old version, and you will receive an upgrade if the owner releases a newer version.

So far I have made the following add-ons available in the latest version of Firefox:

Add-On Download Comment Author’s URL
BandWidthTester 0.5.9 Download Not tested N.A
BlockSite Download Tested Add-on Homepage
Bookmark Duplicate Detector 0.7.5 Download Not tested Add-on Homepage
CopyPlainText 0.3.4 Download Not tested N.A. 1.2.1 Download Not tested N.A.
FireSheep 0.1.1 Download
Linux (Compiled from Git)
Not tested Add-on Homepage
Google Calendar Tab 3.8 Download Tested N.A.
Multiproxy Switch 1.33 Download Tested Add-on Homepage
PermaTabs Mod 1.93 Download Not Tested Add-on Homepage
Snap Links Plus 1.08 Download Tested N.A.

If you need any add-on, please post in the comment below. I will try to make it available here.

Enjoy your new Firefox!


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24 Replies to “Add-ons for New Version of Firefox 21”

  1. Clay Benson

    It’s pretty buggy, and doesn’t let you do PermaTab home, but that’ just because its for FF3 probably. Thanks for uploading though!

  2. Clay Benson

    Edit that last post (sorry for double posting), but you can do PermaTab homes, its just, you can close the permatabs as long as they are not also app tabs. Working very well, and thanks again.

  3. Jeff

    Thanks very much for keeping the BlockSite add-on updated. It keeps my teenage son focused on his school work and lets me relax…

  4. jay

    I have firefox 11.0, managed to install firesheep from this site… but its not working? Ive tried clicking start capturing and nothing happens… when i access preferences i get CC is not defined. any help would be nice!

  5. maksimilian

    Firesheep for firefox 11 is not working,when i press start capturing nothing happens.So could you please give me a link of working firesheep for firefox 11,thanks. 🙂

  6. GRAH

    firesheep doesent work -.- still says not compatible or what ever….any one know any OTHER session hijackers…..for linux perferably…..

  7. Sheeper

    As all the other comments say, firesheep ist not working with firefox 11. would be great if u could make an update if your not to busy.. thank u

  8. PaulS

    I attempted to install firesheep; no luck, doesn’t download and tried on firefox 11 and 17. Now I’d like to remove the Fire Sheep logo at the top of my page…picture of the fox with the blue cap in a grassy field. (Is this the “scarlet letter”?). Anyone else with the same problem?


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