BlockSite Add-On for Firefox 3.5+

Please visit here if you are looking for BlockSite for Firefox 4.0.


I love using BlockSite along with AdBlock Plus to filter the unwanted content in my Firefox. However, after upgrading to Firefox 3.5, I found that the BlockSite is no longer supported in this version. After waiting for a month, I found that the new supported version is not available, and therefore I created my own version.

Here you are, and enjoy it!
Download BlockSite 0.7.1 for Firefox 3.5+

…And if you want to use any Firefox Add-on on Firefox 3.5+ but it is not available, feel free to let me know! Don’t forget to include the link. Thanks!

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8 Replies to “BlockSite Add-On for Firefox 3.5+”

  1. Derrick Post author

    In Firefox –> File –> Open File –> Choose the file you just download(BlockSite-0.7.1.xpi) –> Install –> Restart Firefox –> Enjoy!

  2. Michelle

    I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to get it to work properly. I’m trying to block a website and although I have it on the block list, it’s still letting me get to the site. Do I need to restart my computer or something?

    • Derrick Post author

      Yup, you will need to restart the Firefox after you install the Add-on. Can you list your URL and your setting here, I want to give it a try.




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