Apple M1 Chip CPU and GPU Benchmark Results

I received my 2020 mac mini today (US$ 699). Since this is the first product with Apple M1 chip CPU, I am curious to find out its performance. I ran some tests using benchmark apps including Blackmagic and Cinebench.

This Apple M1 chip is 8 cores and 8 threads. FYI, Apple said it has 25000 concurrent threads, it means the CPU can execute 25k jobs at the same time. Its like a kitchen with 8 chefs working on 25k orders. It doesn’t mean there are 25k chefs in the kitchen.

Here are the specification of this CPU (Source):

  • 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores
  • 8-core GPU (A nVidia GPU such as the one in GeForce RTX 2060 has 1920 cores)
  • 16-core Neural Engine

Testing Multi Core Performance of Apple M1 Chip Using Cinebench R23

Testing Single Core Performance of Apple M1 Chip Using Cinebench R23

Testing CPU and GPU Performance of Apple M1 Chip Using GeekBench 5


Testing Machine Learning Performance Using MLBenchy

Here is the result:

InceptionV3 Run Time: 1434ms
Nudity Run Time: 393ms
Resnet50  Run Time:1364ms
Car Recognition  Run Time:473ms
GoogleNetPlace  Run Time:410ms
GenderNet Run Time: 597ms
TinyYolo Run Time: 806ms

InceptionV3 Run Time: 121ms
Nudity Run Time: 83ms
Resnet50  Run Time:72ms
Car Recognition  Run Time:114ms
GoogleNetPlace  Run Time:111ms
GenderNet Run Time: 86ms
TinyYolo Run Time: 146ms

InceptionV3 Run Time: 91ms
Nudity Run Time: 76ms
Resnet50  Run Time:136ms
Car Recognition  Run Time:72ms
GoogleNetPlace  Run Time:147ms
GenderNet Run Time: 87ms
TinyYolo Run Time: 72ms

Done running the 3 iterations of the benchmark 

And finally, if you are curious about the SSD performance of the mac mini…

Testing Disk Performance of Mac Mini SSD Using Blackmagic Speed Test

I am quite surprise about its overall performance. The single core performance of Apple M1 chip is better than Intel i9-9880 and i7-1165. It will be quite useful if I need to perform some non-parallel computations. The multiple core performance of Apple M1 is quite impressive too. If you take a look to the result, you will notice that most of the CPUs that have better scores have more cores and threads. I really don’t expect a $700 computer that can beat the CPU that costs a thousand dollars or more.

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