Classic Add-On for Firefox 3

If you are looking for the classic to work on Firefox 3, then you are on the right page.

Download classic


Why classic add-on doesn’t work in Firefox 3?

The add-on was developed for Firefox 2, which is not compatible with Firefox 3. Since this add-on is no longer maintained by the original author, this add-on becomes an orphan. In fact, encourages users to upgrade to the modern version. Some users like me prefer to stick with the classic version.

Why classic, not modern?

Well, there are couple reasons, privacy and security. The classic version only uploads your public bookmark (The one you want to share), however the modern version will upload both your local and public bookmarks. Since I care about my privacy and security, I don’t want to see my personal information floating around the web at all.

Running Classic on Firefox 3

If you want to run the classic version on Firefox 3, you will need to download the add-on from the following link:

Download classic

…And if you want to use any Firefox Add-on on Firefox 3.5+ but it is not available, feel free to let me know! Don’t forget to include the link. Thanks!


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6 Replies to “Classic Add-On for Firefox 3”

  1. Helen

    Thank you x100! I too prefer the classic buttons and find the new-ish add-on makes my browser lag as well as the issues you mentioned. Thanks again!

  2. Henry

    – Very Cool!

    – Fighting with this issue since Firefox massed-up everything with a 36.13 & 4 version!!

    – Have to do the same for my back-up Notebook!


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