Can’t choose? See what I use.

If you don’t know what to use, why not let me make the decision for you?

Last Edited: Nov 26, 2010.

Should I get a desktop or laptop?

If you have enough budget, get both.

I usually get a desktop with powerful equipment as a server, and a light weight laptop for daily operations. I store all of my files in the server and access them from my laptop. A laptop takes up lesser space, so I have more space for other stuffs in my office.

If you need to choose one:
Storage center / heavy computation / Lots of hardware: Desktop
Others: Laptop

Should I get an iPhone or Droid?

iPhone. You can make it dual boot to both iOS (iPhone OS) and Android.

Which programming language I should use for web applications?

If you are a beginner: PHP

If you are an expert: Python

Which database I should use for web applications?

If you are beginner: MySQL

If you are an expert: Tokyo Cabinet

What web application framework I should use?

Ideally, you should spend some time to create your own one and reuse it in your projects. It is because any existing framework in the market share a common problem – It is hard to customize / optimized if your project is getting very complicated.

Don’t worry about the performance as this can be solved using distributed model.

If you like to choose a framework, I will avoid using Ruby On Rails because of its backward compatibility issue. For example, every time you upgrade to a newer version, you need to verify your code to make it work. It is a very time-consuming process if you already created lots of projects using Ruby On Rails.

Which Operating System I should use for daily work?

How’s your troubleshooting skills?

Poor: Windows or OSX
Some: Ranked based on the difficulty. Starting with the easiest first: Ubuntu > Debian > Fedora

Excellent: FreeBSD

Which Operating System I should use for server?

Are performance and stability important to you?

I don’t care: OS X

Some level: Linux

Very important: FreeBSD

Notice that I don’t recommend using Windows. Also, hosting Unix on Hyper-V (Virtual Server on Windows) is not a good solution either. You will get yourself into trouble as it causes more problem than you can imagine.

Which CPU I should use for server?

Lots of traffic, but light computation, e.g., Webserver, database: Xeon
Heavy Computation: i7 or any top of the line CPU designed for gaming.

Should I use single super computer or group of less high-end distributed system?

Depends on your skills. I will go with distributed system whenever it is possible because this model can be expanded easily in the future. Keep in mind that a super computer today could be a general computer tomorrow.

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