[Wyze]How to control a lamp socket with a physical button

I wanted to install a Wyze camera outside my house. The location do not have any standard 120V outlet, so I ended up connecting a Wyze v3 camera via a Wyze lamp socket. This solveed the power problem of my camera, but it created another problem. My light was either always ON or always OFF. Since I had to keep the power always available for the camera, I had to keep the switch in an ON position all the time. Although I can control the lamp socket via the Wyze app, I think there must be an easy way to solve this problem, just like how I control the light before setting this up.

My idea is pretty simple. I have some older Wyze v2 camera laying around. I also have a door sensor and a Wyze accessory bridge available. I can turn these into a physical switch with some help using LEGO.

The door sensor has two parts. The circuit / sensor and the magnet. If the sensor measures the strength of the magnetic fields, if it is high (i.e., the magnet is attached, like the door is closed), then it emits a signal to the bridge sensor. If the value is low (i.e., the magnet is not attached, like door is opened), and it emits another sign to to tell the bridge sensor. We can build a LEGO physical button. Here is my setup:

Wyze Switch for Lamp Socket using LEGO

It houses a Wyze door sensor

The green block is used as a magnet

The green block has three magnets

This is how the switch is opened.

This is how the switch is opened.

Here are the software part:

That’s it. Have fun.

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