Amazon EC2 VS Google Cloud Platform: Storage Speed Comparison

We’ve owned multiple cloud instances on both Amazon ECS and Google Cloud Platform. I always wonder what is the difference between them. So I decide to perform a very simple speed comparisons. All storage/disks are attached on RHEL Linux instance and formatted to XFS. Everything are using the default settings. Here are the commands I used:

#Dumping 1GB of data:
dd if=/dev/zero of=file.out bs=1M count=1000

#Dumping 10GB of data:
dd if=/dev/zero of=file.out bs=1M count=10000

Here are the results:

File Size/Storage Type
Amazon: General Purpose SSD
Amazon: Magnetic
Amazon: Throughput Optimized HDD
Google: Persistent Disk
Google: Local SSD

150 MB/s
40.8 MB/s
78.2 MB/s
1.30 GB/s
1.20 GB/s

68.4 MB/s
31.0 MB/s
68.0 MB/s
62.4 MB/s
338 MB/s

Clearly, Google Cloud is the winner in terms of both pricing and performance.

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