Starting MySQL.. ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file

This article is a bit outdated. Please visit the following article instead. It includes a better discussion on how to solve this problem using different scenarios:



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10 thoughts on “Starting MySQL.. ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file”

  1. My solution was the next one:

    1.- Remove the MySQL rpm package.
    2.- Delete all the data from the mysql_data dir (Eg. /var/lib/mysql).
    3.- If existe /etc/my.cnf, rename it to /etc/my.cnf.backup.
    4.- Re-install the MySQL rpm package.
    5.- Start the MySQL service.
    6.- Set the MySQL admin password.

    I hope this work for you too.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      PHP should have nothing to do with this MySQL error. Are you sure you only update the PHP without touching the MySQL Server/Client?

      By the way, updating PHP is tricky. You need to update both the core (/usr/port/lang/php5) and extensions (/usr/port/lang/php5-extensions) together. After that, you need to test whether they are happy with each other or not:

      php -v

      If any extension complains (which is likely), you need to fix them one by one. I blog all of these here


  2. Ramon Resendiz, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, your instructions are very direct to the point and clear!!!! I’ve searched alot of instructions and reinstall mysql multiple times in fedora 16!! THANK YOU AGAIN!

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