[Solved]Failed to enable the ‘dataready’ Accept Filter

After I updated the Apache to 2.2.22 for my FreeBSD box today, I got a problem:

#apachectl stop
#apachectl start

[warn] (2)No such file or directory: Failed to enable the 'dataready' Accept Filter

If you search for Failed to enable the ‘dataready’ Accept Filter on Google, you probably will find a lot of posts about this solution, like the following:

#kldload accf_http

Or include the following in the boot loader (/boot/loader.conf):


However, even you already done these two things, this problem still exists.

#kldload accf_http
kldload: can't load accf_http: File exists

Why? That’s because the problem is not coming from accf_http. Instead, the problem is the missing dataready filter, which is accf_data. To solve this problem, simply do the following. First, update the /boot/loader.conf and add the following into the file:


Of course, any changes to the boot loader requires a reboot. If you don’t want to reboot the machine, simple load the module manually and restart the Apache, i.e.,

#kldload accf_data
#apachectl stop
#apachectl start

That’s it! Apache will stop complaining the dataready filter and will work happily.


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