These files might be harmful to your computer – Your internet security settings suggest that one of more files may be harmful. Do you want to use it anyway?

I run my own network drive such that all computers in my network can access the same files. Every time when I try to access the shared files from Windows 7, it comes with nightmare (a gift from Microsoft). For example, if I move files within the network drive, Windows 7 will display a very annoying box like the one showing on the right.

These files might be harmful to your computer.

Your internet security settings suggest that one of more files may be harmful. Do you want to use it anyway?

If you click the help link below the message, you will find nothing but junk.

So how to get rid of this annoying box? You know, and we all know that Microsoft product is buggy and with lots of security problem. This box does nothing more than telling you:

Hey we are buggy. If your network drives contain virus or worm, that’s your problem, nothing to do with us. Do it at your own risk.

(And don’t forget that other operating system such as OS X, Linux etc do not have any annoying box, nor they do have any virus.)

To get kill this annoying box, simply following these steps:

1. Go to Internet Options (Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options)

2. Open the Security tab and select Local Intranet

3. Click Local Intranet

4. Type the IP address of your network drive

That’s it!

Happy file sharing.


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[Solved]Windows 7 Taskbar Loses Transparency

After letting Windows 7 to automatically upgrade my system, I found that the taskbar was no longer transparent. So I ran the trouble shooting features to find out why the transparency feature was gone.

Desktop -> Right Click -> Personalize -> Window Color

The transparency feature is not available. So I clicked on the trouble shooting link, and Windows complains about the incompatibility of the graphic card.

This computer problem is pretty obvious. Windows 7 installed a new graphic card driver for me which broke everything. To solve this computer problem, I simply download a driver developed by the manufacturer:

FYI, mine is nVidia GT-230M

After reinstalling the driver, everything went back to normal, and the taskbar is transparent again!

Story learned: Never install any graphic driver developed by Microsoft.

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