Area-Proportional Venn Diagram Tools

I was looking for tools to draw area-proportional Venn Diagram, but most of them either do not work in some cases or very difficult to use. Finally, I found a very very good one!

A very very nice tool to draw Area-Proportional Venn Diagram:
Area-Proportional Venn Diagram

I can also edit the Venn Diagram including labels, size and positions:

So far this is the best I found on the web.

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Recently I found that Wolfram Research (The maker of Mathematica) released an online Math search engine. It is way much more powerful than the Google Calculator. It gives you not only the math result, but also a graphical expression on the result.

Solving a math problem:
Suppose I want to find out the value of x, where sin(x)cos(x) = 0.5. Oh wow, I got the answer right the way!
Try to find out the result of sin(x)cos(x) = 0.5 here

Or let’s say I want to know the populations of California:

Try to find out the result of California population here

Now something more interesting. I want to know what’s the result of sin(x)=2:
I got the result in 2 seconds!!!! I still remember that I’ve spent over 2 hours to work on this problem back in freshman year. (See My Presentation on Sin(x)=2)

Try to find out the result of sin x = 2 here

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