Thought on Opera Mini for iPhone

After trying the Opera Mini for iPhone, here is my comment:

  1. Zoom is missing. You can’t use finger to zoom in/out the page. It makes it very hard to browse the full-size page from the phone.
  2. Poor support on JavaScript. Website that works fine on Safari doesn’t mean they will do fine on Opera Mini.
  3. Lack of support. Many iPhone-friendly websites do not support Opera mini.

Suggested headline news for

  • There are over million of download of Opera Mini in 2 hours.

Suggested headline for

  • Safari is still the best iPhone browser on the planet.
  • 80% of the iPhone users remove the Opera Mini within 5 minutes.
  • Since Opera Mini cannot do the zoom and render JavaScript correctly, it should be recalled and removed from the iPhone App store.

Suggested response to Opera:

  • Opera Mini is still the 2nd best (and 2nd most popular) browser for iPhone on the planet.
  • (Keep in mind that  there are only two browsers for iPhone…)

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iPhone or Google’s Nexus One?

I am thinking to get a smart phone and I am undecided whether I should get an iPhone or Google’s Nexus One. In general, I think Apple’s product is designed with fashion in mind while Google’s product is designed toward to programmers. I am okay with either one.

Today I read an article from Harvard Business Review. The author mentioned a feature that is missing on Google’s Nexus One. I think it is pretty important and it may change my mind to go with iPhone.

Here is the link.

Google’s Nexus One: Can Openness Win?

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