HP2009m: Power Button Lockout

When I tried to turn off my HP2009m monitor by pushing the power button, I see the following message:

Power Button Lockout

Since HP has a tradition to make beautiful and quality monitor with the worst power button (Which means you have to keep it power on, or you need to get a new one even the monitor is doing okay), I was worrying about whether my monitor is “dead” or not.

After unplugging the power cable for a night and put it back the next day, I found that the problem was still there. So, finally I decided to reset the monitor to factory settings. Yay! It works!

So here is what I’ve done:

  • Push the Menu button
  • Select Factory Reset using the +/- key
  • Push the OK button
  • Select Yes by using the +/- key
  • Push the OK button

This computer problem should be gone. If the computer problem still exists, I will take apart the monitor (by remove the frame) and re-adjust the power button. That’s how I save my another HP monitor from being sent to landfill.


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10 Replies to “HP2009m: Power Button Lockout”

  1. Lisa

    Hi, did your HP2009m come wireless internet ready?? I had forgotten my admin password so had to reset to factory settings. Appartently I deleted my “wireless software” and have no wireless access, its not even an option. Did you have to purchase this “wireless software” or did your computer come wireless ready? Thanks 🙂

    • Derrick Post author

      Hi Lisa,

      HP2009m is a monitor, and it has nothing to do with wireless internet access. 🙂

      Nope, I haven’t purchased anything like “wireless software” from HP. By default, you can connect to the wireless router / Internet from Windows without installing any software. It’s part of the feature of Windows.


  2. Jag


    the lockout procedure u spoke of didn’t work for me. i reset to factory standards and it’s still not turning off.

    why the hell doesn’t HP have a trouble-shooting site one can go to, or do they?


    • Derrick Post author

      There are few options I will try:
      1. Unplug the power for few hours, hopefully it will clear the monitor settings, or
      2. Take out the frame and try to adjust the power button position again (Don’t do it unless you are extremely comfortable to your skills), or
      3. Get a new one, because repairing a monitor will cost more. However, I will definitely stay away from HP monitor.

  3. Dale

    try….. it worked for me. Power Button Lockout is displayed.The monitor’s Power Button Lockout function is enabled.

    Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to unlock

    the power button function.

  4. Tony

    Dale , I have an HP 2009 monitor and last night was the first time I had ever had an issue with HP ! It locked up and I could not get it unlocked , so IO unplugged it and plugged it back in after I got out of work , some 12 hours later !Holding the on button sounded like it might work so I did ! Within 8 seconds, the monitor shut off ! Thanks Pal !


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