How to Upgrade Google Chrome to 64-bit

Recently Google finally made the Google Chrome 64-bit available in Windows. Since Google Chrome is pretty much maintenance free, i.e., it updates automatically and I don’t need to take care of it. I was wondering whether it will upgrade to 64-bit itself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find such information on the web.

Long story short. If you are using Google Chrome 32-bit, it WILL NOT upgrade itself to 64-bit. You will need to download Google Chrome and install it again.

Here are some information if you like to find out whether your Google Chrome is 32-bit or 64-bit. First, open the Windows Task Manager, or simply type “taskmgr” in command line:

Open Google Chrome, and you should see several processes like chrome.exe. If it is ended with *32 like below, then the Google Chrome is running on 32-bit.

Once you re-install Google Chrome, check the status using Windows Task Manager again. This time you should see a different picture:

Google Chrome 64-Bit

If the name of the process is not ended with *32, then the Google Chrome is running on 64-bit.

Is Google Chrome 64-bit faster? Technically it is.


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