Shit is priced differently in different region.

I was experimenting the salary search engine at today, and I found some interesting result…

“The salaries of Shit in different locations in US”

Here is the result:


Or you can try to click here to repeat the test….

What makes me couldn’t stop laughing is the statistical conclusion below…

Average shit salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 68% higher than average shit salaries for job postings in Hawaii.

Does it mean a shit worth more value in NYC than in Hawaii?

The reason why I want to put this interesting result is not for making fun on, but I want to understand why the QA at Indeed did not notice this bug, and why the engineer of this search engine is using such a poor algorithm? I am pretty sure NO job has the keyword “shit” in the job title! Where did the search engine get this information? How does it get these numbers?

Do you think your salary is high enough? Try to compare your salary with the result using these keywords: Unemployed and Do Nothing.


Want to know the solution and prevent this embarrassing result? Shoot me an email and we can talk.
(It will require you sometime to find out my email but it is not that hard, huh?)

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