Enough “Rails Surprise”! Goodbye Ruby On Rails.

Couple months ago, I published an article about Ruby On Rails. I was wrong.

The idea of Ruby On Rails is really good. You can create a very simple database-driven web application (i.e., User can add, browse, remove and search records) in less than half an hour. There is no way to do something similar in such a short time using other programming languages. However – perhaps this is the tradition of the Rails development team, it comes with surprise (“Rails Surprise”) every time after upgrading the Ruby gems component. They either make your Rails application couldn’t start, or some features in your apps are not functioning after the upgrade.

What kind of people should stick with Ruby On Rails?

  • Someone is big fan of Ruby/Gems/Rails.
  • Someone has plenty of spare time.
  • Someone likes to sharpen his/her debugging skill – To debug the backward incompatibility mess introduced by the Ruby/Gems/Rails core development team.
  • Someone is patient and is willing to spend number of hours(could be days) to look for workaround.

I am neither. I think I already have enough “Rails Surprise”. And I will make my own web application framework from now on (The code name is called ICEPIZZA by the way). It will be simple, elegant and backward compatible.


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